In everything we do, we believe in transition of vision into reality. We strive to support storytellers and persist in partnership with producers.
We enable transition by providing excellence in service and infrastructure, certainty in crew and commitment, artistry in technique and craftsmanship.
We are OTO Film. Poland’s most genuine and globally-minded production partner since 1992.

Jacek Kulczycki

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Tomek Kozera

Head of Production / Executive Producer

Andre Troubetzkoi

Head of Development

Adrian Kruszewski

Chief Financial Officer

Lucyna Stróżak

Chief Process Officer

Agnieszka Zając

Senior Producer

Marcin Szymanowicz

Senior Producer

Łukasz Tomasz Kołtunowicz

Senior Producer

Marcin Borkowski

Senior Producer

Agata Wiśniewska


Marcelina Ostrowska


Daga Strzeszewska


Paweł Jóźwik

Executive Content Producer

Jagoda Leszko

Content Producer

Marta Teresa Jakimowicz

Production Manager

Janek Białobłocki

Production Manager

Arek Waś

Production Manager

Marian Struss

Production Manager

Michał Filipowicz

Junior Production Manager

Michał Kowalczyk

Production Assistant

Niki Czober

Production Assistant

Karol Nowicki

Production Assistant

Zofia Hussakowska

Production Assistant

Martyna Perkowska

Production Assistant

Anna Peniutowska

Financial Manager

Olga Zaremba

Office Manager

Paweł Mirowski

IT Manager

We support


Bees are critical to safeguarding the global food supply. Populations have plummeted mainly due to extreme temperatures, land-use changes, loss of food and natural habitats.

We are beekeepers since 2017 and love what we do. Today we keep 2 hives of approx. 100,000 honeybees. These bees show us how fragile and resilient nature can be. They teach us respect and encourage a sense of duty to protect and preserve.
They’re also a source of sweet joy. Each year we extract 30kg of honey that we share with our clients and friends. Watch our video here:

Women’s Rights Center

This organization supports victims of domestic violence. Services include counselling, legal assistance and shelter.

In 2020 they asked us for help – with a heartbreaking and powerful script for a short film about the extreme lack of awareness of domestic violence.
We enlisted famous local actors, a composer and a highly acclaimed female director. We lend our crew and resources to help turn their vision into reality. This project was a big success and continues to raise awareness on this terrible issue. Watch the film here: