OTO Film has been producing for the Polish and international markets for over 29 years.

We have built a body of work based on knowing what the most creative directors and talent needs to make their visions come true. Since 1992 we embrace the market trends without compromising the quality of the filmmaking. We work intimately with a very broad range of clients to realize their ambitions.

Jacek Kulczycki Partner / Chief Executive Officer jacek@otofilm.pl
Magda Olak Partner / Managing Director magda@otofilm.pl
Tomek Kozera Head of Production / Executive Producer tomek@otofilm.pl
Andre Troubetzkoi Head of Development andre@otofilm.pl
Adrian Kruszewski Chief Financial Officer adrian.kruszewski@otofilm.pl
Lucyna Stróżak Chief Process Officer lucyna@otofilm.pl
Agnieszka Zając Producer agnieszka@otofilm.pl
Jacek Tyszko Producer jacekt@otofilm.pl
Łukasz Tomasz Kołtunowicz Producer lukasz@otofilm.pl
Agata Wiśniewska Producer agata@otofilm.pl
Marcelina Ostrowska Producer marcelina@otofilm.pl
Marcin Borkowski Producer marcin.borkowski@otofilm.pl
Paweł Jóźwik Digital Content Producer pawel.jozwik@otofilm.pl
Marcin Szymanowicz Production Manager marcin@otofilm.pl
Daga Strzeszewska Production Manager daga@otofilm.pl
Marta Teresa Jakimowicz Production Manager marta@otofilm.pl
Łucja Zaorska Production Manager lucja@otofilm.pl
Janek Białobłocki Production Manager jan@otofilm.pl
Arek Waś Production Manager arek@otofilm.pl
Marian Struss Production Manager marian@otofilm.pl
Michał Kowalczyk Production Assistant michal.kowalczyk@otofilm.pl
Niki Czober Production Assistant niki@otofilm.pl
Karol Nowicki Production Assistant karol@otofilm.pl
Michał Filipowicz Production Assistant michal.filipowicz@otofilm.pl
Piotr W. Bartoszek Communications Manager pita@otofilm.pl
Anna Peniutowska Financial Manager ania@otofilm.pl
Zosia Konczewska Accounting & Administration Manager zosia@otofilm.pl
Olga Zaremba Office Manager studio@otofilm.pl
Paweł Mirowski IT Manager pm@otofilm.pl

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