Expert Location Managers on Why Poland is a Dream Destination for Productions

In recent years Poland has become one of the go-to destinations for productions for those in the know. OTO Film, the globally minded and Poland-based production partner that opened its doors in 1992, knows this all too well and has helped some of the world’s biggest brands create memorable ads in Poland’s premiere locations.

From dreamy castles, unspoilt nature, tropical-looking beaches and snow-covered mountains to sleek cityscapes and Brutalist architectural wonders, Poland has it all. Coupled with experienced and highly trained professional crews, the country can help creative ideas – big and small – come to life.

All the photos in this feature have been captured by photographer Aleksander Malachowski, known under the pseudonym Hashtagalek, who showcases Poland’s beauty in his minimalist and unconventional images that often channel Wes Anderson’s aesthetic. An architecture photographer from Warsaw, he says he seeks the “intersection between photography and the organised, physical world by means of geometry and symmetry shaped in a minimalist kind of way.”

“Recently, I mainly love two types of locations: the city contrasts – places where two worlds, the old and the new, meet, and which provoke reflection, and second one, colourful buildings full of symmetry. I would like to believe that my photos encourage people from outside Poland to visit our country and that they show how unusual places are hidden there. Moreover, I often encounter reactions from followers that my photos have changed their point of view on their surroundings, cities, architecture. I love that!” Aleksander adds.

Below, LBB asked OTO Film’s top production managers – Patryk Byc, Kamila Trzaskowska, Agnieszka Wende, Pawel Chrzastek, and Kinga Oktabska – about Poland’s expansive production potential, favourite secret spots more people need to know about, and a few key tips everyone should keep in mind before they decide to shoot there.

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