Trend Report from the OTO Film Group Puts AI at the Top of the Agenda

LBB asks the OTO Film Group about the latest trends shaping production in Poland, and which global developments it’s paying the most attention to in the upcoming months

As one of the most established and progressive production companies in Poland – in operation for 31 years – OTO Film Group has weathered just about every local and global production storm. With expertise in commercial, feature and online content, OTO has always looked to the future to stay ahead of the competition on a global stage. 

Paying attention to trends in the region and beyond is essential to knowing what to plan for and the last few years have especially proven that expecting the unexpected is a necessary business strategy. Market volatility, a pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and now rapidly evolving AI technology means that we can all expect more shifts in the production landscape at any given moment. That’s why LBB asked the OTO Film Group – which houses seven companies under its umbrella – for a trend report. 

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