Garage – Kamikaze

The Warsaw Rising Musem

Facing Emotions


Biedronka – Football


Time to go out on the pitch

OKOCIM RADLER 0,0% – Mango with passion fruit


Biedronka Foundation

McDonald’s – Grandma

Somersby – Piña Colada

Tyskie – EURO 2020

Virgin Mobile – Chive

OTOMOTO – Misiek

Lech Free – Lechendy can do anything

Lech Premium – Lechendy can do anything

Tyskie – W Święta kolej przejść na TY!

Objects | 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

Bass Astral x Igo – Feeling Exactly


Can you hear me?

How I would like to live

I’m a woman

Street legends

Ballantine’s Original Series