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With a D!fference: How One Agency is Changing the Face of Casting in Poland

The CEO of Poland’s leading multiethnic casting agency, Victoria Okonkwo, speaks to LBB about the company’s successes, their partnership with OTO Film and plans for the future


There’s a prevailing misconception that Poland is an ethnically homogeneous country. Yet with a population size of over 37 million people, that’s simply not true, especially when it comes to larger cities like Warsaw, Krakow, and Lodz. Victoria Okonkwo, CEO of D!fference, a leading agency representing multiethnic talent notes: “Poland is already a multiethnic country that warmly welcomes students from Africa, Asia, and South America. I’ve also seen more and more families move here from abroad for work, before settling in and deciding to stay.”

Victoria set up D!fference in 2012, drawing on her own experience as a person of mixed heritage – her father is Nigerian and her mother is Polish. The idea for the agency came to Victoria “a long time ago” when she first started working in the advertising industry and noticed that people were very interested in working with her on commercial projects. She realised that over time that the interest only grew and she knew she had to do something about it. 

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