Monika Wagner Helps Others Learn as a Way to Keep Herself Learning Too

LBB caught up with Monika Wagner, head of production and EP at OTO Film about her career journey, how she’s helping other producers to develop their craft, and why her idea of relaxation involves adrenaline

Monika Wagner is the head of production and EP at OTO Film. Though she’s fairly new to the company – she joined in June 2023 – she has close to two decades of experience in the craft itself. 

Monika got her taste for production when she was a student and the Polish TV market was experiencing huge growth; she started with reality TV productions before moving into documentaries and working her way from a runner through the ranks, all the way up to the senior leadership role she holds today. For Monika, “working your way up the ladder is key” as it provides invaluable learning and training opportunities. 

Helping others to learn and develop plays an important role in Monika’s approach to being the head of production at OTO. It’s vital for her to match people with the right jobs and clients while pushing them to grow beyond what’s comfortable; in this she also finds that she continues to learn and grow herself. 

Today we caught up with Monika to chat about her approach to production, find out which projects she’s most proud to have worked on, and why relaxation involves a good dose of adrenaline.

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